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Standup Bot Status

Standup Bot appears to be up and functioning normally.

It's been 12 days since the last service interruption.

Monday, Dec 04 | 08:51 EST
Queueing server monitor memory threshold was met extremely quick due to more new customers that have come on with a spike. Added more memory.

Monday, Dec 04 | 11:07 EST
There are still a few standups experiencing problems starting. We are looking into the root cause right now to make sure they were restarted correctly.

Monday, Nov 27 | 10:44 EST
Deployed to several new servers to help with scaling issues. Some standups have been restarted automatically.

Tuesday, Nov 21 | 11:49 EST
More customers have signup and we're now experiencing issues with standups starting at 9AM and 10AM EST (we're adding more servers as we speak to handle this new growth)

Tuesday, Nov 14 | 09:42 EST
We've had 2 teams write in about standups not starting at their correct time. We're investingating why this is happening to a these few teams currently.

Monday, Nov 06 | 04:06 EST
[Resolved] Standups stopped responding, there was a physical network outage. Our internet service provider had a massive outage that we had no control over. Standups should be restarting automatically.

Sunday, Sep 24 | 12:24 EST
[RESOLVED] "Your API Token is invalid, please resign in". After working with Slack, we've fixed the issue and also provided a better error message for another issue we found that was causing confusion with that same message. 50% of customers having the Token Issue were attempting to start a standup in a direct message which is not possible. The new error message now has the correct procedure should someone try to execute an invalid command.

Wednesday, Sep 20 | 08:17 EST
Some teams are getting a "Your API Token is invalid. Please re-sign in" error when attempting to start their standups. We're currently working with Slack to fix this.

Thursday, Jun 15 | 02:44 EST
It looks like Amazon.com is having issues with their servers again. Our platform runs on their Servers. So when they're down, we're down for now -

Wednesday, May 10 | 08:24 EST
One of our servers that handles starting all the standups ran out of memory and we did not have an alert set for that. We've upgraded the memory. All standups have been running today

Wednesday, May 10 | 05:29 EST
Standups are not starting for a lot of ASYNC meetings. We are currently looking into this

Wednesday, Mar 01 | 10:48 EST
Issue when tryhing to start standupbot in channels is caused by a bug weve found and are fixing currently. It has to do with properly memoizing an expensive function call to Slack, will be deployed at end of day once all standups are completed!

Tuesday, Feb 21 | 01:09 EST
Fixed quite a few Email and standups not starting correctly issues. We had a work-queue that was not being "cleared" out on time and was filling up and hitting max storage capacity which was preventing emails and standups from being started.

Saturday, Feb 18 | 08:38 EST
We had some memory issues with one of our servers so that should rectify most, if not all, of the standup issues! Hooray! Also, our whole team will be able to get back to regularly scheduled support times!")

Saturday, Feb 18 | 03:21 EST
Standups are not being started for a few customers. We have found the area where the problem is occuring and now attempting to completely understand why the issue is happening so we can properly implement the fix before the next standups run

Saturday, Feb 18 | 03:20 EST
SSL certification updated!

Saturday, Feb 18 | 03:07 EST
SSL Certificate is being upgraded

Sunday, Jan 22 | 10:21 EST
We've upgraded our email servers to handle the new load of emails going out. Unfortunately, this has uncovered another issue with async teams not recieving email their standup emails. The URL to view the standup report still works and can be used in the interim while we focus on fixing this issue. Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, Aug 02 | 07:51 EST
In progress standups were restarted manually, our work queue engine has started standups that were not scheduled to start at that time, we hope this wasn't a big problem.

Tuesday, Jul 19 | 05:43 EST
We just deployed a new hotfix that will improve the bot performance, these changes will make the bot much faster and will prevent the bot not responding in some cases. We are also planning a new deployment that will make async standups work better than now.