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Meet Standup Bot: a helpful bot that runs your standup meetings in Slack channels.

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Let Standup Bot run your standup meetings.

Standup Bot helps teams get back in sync. Messaging tools like Slack changed our work world. Teams used to communicate across the office; now teams work across continents. Standups changed our meetings. Instead of wasting time, a standup meeting gets to the meat of the meeting quickly by asking:

What did you accomplish yesterday? What are you working on today? Is anything standing in your way?

Standup Bot collects this information from your team, organizes it, and posts it in one easy-to-find place. It keeps teams accountable, allows them to track goals, and removes roadblocks by getting your team back in sync.

The best-in-business have used Standup Bot to run
33,101 standup meetings.

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The things Standup Bot does best.

  • Running a standup — Standup Bot makes running your meeting a breeze. It automatically asks each person in a channel the three standup questions. It’s smart enough to skip users who aren’t available and asks them to contribute when they are.
  • Multiple Standups — Teams can have multiple standups. Choose to have a standup in any Slack channel. This allows you to have standups for individual projects and clients.
  • Standup Reports — Standup bot organizes all team member responses. At the conclusion of standup a beautiful report of the daily responses is created. The reports display hyperlinks which can link to your project management tasks. Reports also support emojis because they are fun. Go wild.
  • Email Report — All team members can receive a copy of the daily standup report via email at the conclusion of a standup. Each channel sends its own separate email report.
  • Schedule a standup — Schedule standups in multiple channels to automatically start each standup every day at its own specified time. Never forget to start your meeting again. Discipline is for machines.
  • Hybrid standups — Standup Bot takes a hybrid approach, melding synchronous and asynchronous standups. Synchronous standups come first, but we allow the stragglers a chance to complete their standup within 8 hours on the same day. Async teams get in sync.
  • Weekly reports — Standup Bot puts together week over week reports on how your team is participating in its standups. Find out who is participating and who is not.
  • Password Protected — The standup report is password protected via Slacks new OAuth feature. Only members logged into your Slack team can view your report.

Simple setup.

No developer required. No server setup required.
We'll have you up and running in 5 minutes.

Your team, on the go.

It doesn't matter where you are. Web or mobile, Mac or Windows, iOS or
Android, if you can chat with Slack you can participate in standup.

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We do our best to keep our pricing fair and simple. No surprises, no hidden fees. Our plans come with an automatic 14-day free trial.

Standup Bot Small

This plan is for small teams. Have standups across three separate channels.
14-day free trial
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$20/month - no per user charges or fees.

  • Standup Web Report
  • Standup Email Reports
  • Three Standup Channels

Standup Bot Large

This plan is for large teams. Have standups across unlimited channels.
14-day free trial
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$49/month - no per user or channels charges or fees.

  • Standup Web Report
  • Standup Email Reports
  • Unlimited Standup Channels

Watch one of our daily standups in action.

Questions for us?

View our System Status and submit a support request here.

Have Standup Bot run your next meeting.

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