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Remote and async

Stay on the same page, by default

Any team (either remote or co-located) needs to know what their teammates are doing and whether they need help.
These are your options:

Have no meetings, just talk to each other as needed

Deal with constant interruptions and keep no record or shared knowledge of what’s going on

Schedule face-to-face standup meetings (on-site or through video calls)

Get everyone in the same place (or online) at the same time. Take and share notes if you want to keep a record

Run your standups automatically and asynchronously with StandupBot

Collect responses without breaking anyone’s flow, automatically share them with everyone and keep a searchable log to track progress

We know we’re biased, but we think the minute you’ll spend setting up your account is one of the best time saving investments you can make for yourself and your teams.

It’s your call—although if you’ve read this far, you’re probably ready to go the automated standup route.

Give us a try or check out our features.

Standup tools shouldn’t be complicated (or expensive)

Features you’ll actually use

While other tools try to do a hundred different things and are super confusing to manage, we focus on what you really need to automate your team’s standups and check-ins

Fast setup Fast setup
From install to first meeting in under 60 seconds (we’ve timed it!). Great defaults to get you going and super easy to change to your needs.
Multiple teams and projects Multiple teams and projects
Create as many standups or status meetings you need for different projects or teams (engineering, support, marketing, sales, etc.).
Automated summaries Automated summaries
Use the power of AI to generate automated summaries at the end of your meeting, to make it even easier to stay up-to-date.
100% asynchronous 100% asynchronous
Your meeting can run on the same timezone for everybody or on people's local timezones. Choose the async workflow that better suits you.
Standup Report Standup Report
Receive an easy-to-read report via email and Slack when the meeting is done.
“Just following” mode “Just following” mode
Select who actively participates in meetings and who’s only staying in the loop with standup reports.
Powerful scheduling Powerful scheduling
Schedule your meetings at the days and times you need. Automatically excuse people from meetings when they’re out of the office.
Past meeting records Past meeting records
For the times you need to check what someone was working on in the past.
Participation reports Activity reports and statistics
Easily see individual and global participation rates so you know who needs some encouragement to share their updates more frequently.
Automatic Reminders Participation reminders
We’ll be the friendly drill-sergeant for your team reminding everyone that hasn’t submitted their standup to do so before the meeting ends.
Slack Connect Slack Connect
Let teammates and stakeholders from outside your organization to participate in (or follow) any meeting.
Your team, your work, your data Your team, your work, your data. Secured.
Your data is secured in transit and at rest, and we’re serious about following all privacy regulations. When you need to, you can also export it anytime.

Disclaimer: our automated AI summary feature is currently an opt-in beta using OpenAI's ChatGPT. As with any GenAI model, it may produce innacurate responses.

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