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Standuply vs. StandupBot

The features you need

StandupBot focuses on doing a single thing really well: running your team’s async meetings over Slack. We believe in simple tools that are easy to use and understand. Standuply has many more features beyond running meetings though, and if you really need them, it’s great. Let’s compare the two.

Standuply StandupBot
Daily standups
Other kinds of meetings: Retrospectives, team check-ins, etc.
Meeting log
Participation reports
Backlog grooming and planning poker

Voice/Video messages

Knowledge Base

Our take: When deciding between Standuply and StandupBot, you should consider your end goals: do you need process automation, a tool for backlog grooming and planning poker, voice & video messages, or a company knowledge base for Q&A? If you do, you should go with Standuply. If you don’t, we know we’re biased, but we think you’ll get much better value from StandupBot.

Great value

Standuply offers multiple plans with different capabilities but we’re considering their base Team plan here, as it’s the most comparable feature-set to our own (they have other, more expensive plans as well). You can opt for either a per-user or flat-fee model, but both get expensive very quickly.

At StandupBot, we believe in providing great value through all-inclusive and predictable flat-pricing tiers. This ends up being more affordable, simpler to understand and budget for. See for yourself:

15 users


$ /month


$ /month
Payment frequency
Billing model

Learn more about our plans here.

Indie 🧡

We’re an indie software company — proud to be small and sustainable. What that means for you is that we care deeply about our products and customers. We actively seek (and use) our customers’ input to guide our roadmap – so you’ll always have a direct line to the product team. We strive for great customer service, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of StandupBot.

StandupBot has been around for over 8 years, and under new ownership since Feb. 2023, we’ve been constantly improving and adding new features, with many more to come. We’re completely invested in creating the best async meeting app out there.

We’d love to have you onboard.