Let’s talk about standup meetings…

The goal of these meetings is to make sure an entire team is aware of each other’s work and whether anyone is facing issues or needs support. They’re called standups because participants are usually on their feet with the intention of keeping the meeting short.

They were made really popular through software development teams using agile frameworks like Scrum, where usually some variation of these 3 questions is asked:

Some teams use fewer questions, some run them on a daily or weekly basis (or some other cadence). The point is always the same: checking in with teammates and keeping everyone on the same page.

Why should I run a standup meeting?

If your team is struggling with status updates being disorganized and shared in a number of ways (in-person, email threads or chat rooms), then you need a standup. You might call it a status meeting or check-in, or ask a different set of questions, but you need something along these lines.

These meetings are not exclusively for development teams. They’re also really helpful for any team – in fact, Standup Bot is also used by marketing, support, sales and non-tech teams around the world.

Why should I use an app for standups?

If your team is fully or partially remote an app is really the best way to make sure everyone shares the same information on a regular basis. An app like StandupBot automates the entire process, taking care of timezones, reminders, getting everyone’s input and then sharing it, consistently.

If your team is co-located you might prefer running these meetings face-to-face. However, that requires everyone to be present at the same time, take notes (if you want to keep a record of what was discussed), and share them with the team or other stakeholders. That’s where an app like StandupBot shines and why even co-located teams use us — it’s both a time-saver and record-keeper.