Why Standup Bot ?

Standup meetings can decrease your stress and increase project success at the same time. Standup Bot was built from a process used by a consulting company that had a 100% remote workforce. The best-practices are built-in and ready to be used by your organization, no need to setup or modify anything.

Don’t reinvent the Wheel


One-click to install without having to involve your technology team. We have a very small onboarding process. We have a couple settings that you could change if you wanted or use Standup Bot out-of-the-box Even if you need to tweak things a few weeks from now, we make that easy too.

Multiple teams and projects

Whether you have one or more projects happening right now, Standup Bot can facilitate all the standup meetings for those projects with ease.

Asynchronous (Better for “Remote” Teams)

Are your team members spread across multiple time zones? Let Standup Bot hold your meetings asynchronously and have conversations through private messages.

Strict-mode (Better for “in-house” teams)

Every member participates in the meeting as if they were face-to-face. Standup Bot will ask each team member the standard checks one person at a time. This is used by teams that want to take advantage of time saving automation with a tool.

Timezone-friendly Reply Windows

Stop wondering if a team member in Eastern Europe has entered their standup for today or not. Our Reply Windows enforce a standard for your teams so everyone is entering their standup today.

Standup Report

Taking notes is never a fun job, so why do it? Standup Bot will record the information for you automatically and send an easy-to-read report after everyone’s standup is completed. Remove recurring work from your daily tasks so you can focus on whats important.

For Managers Only

Add anyone who needs a report of whats going on into the standup channel and excuse them using Standup Bot’s Excuse feature. Standup Bot will not ask them any checks. Standup Bot will keep those managers in-the-loop by sending them a report when everyone else receives it.

Easy-to-read historical Progress reports

Sometimes you want to see the improvement of certain members of your team. Standup Bot helps you do that easily by making it easy for you to look at specific member’s past Stand-up reports.

Participation Report

Team members will have their good days and their not-so-good days. Some will have more not-so-good days than others and you need to find out why as a manager. Standup Bot helps direct your attention to those on your team that might need some encouragement by updating you with a participation report at the end of each week.

Schedule a Standup

The biggest benefit for teams doing standups is consistency. Schedule Standup Bot to run for whichever days of the week you’d like and what time you’d like them to start and forget it. Standup Bot never calls in sick or gets stuck in traffic. Your standups will start and run forever consistently once scheduled.

Custom checks

You might have a sales team, a software team, and a customer support team. That’s ok! Each team will be able to modify the current checks that Standup Bot asks to better fit their business department’s lingo.

Automatic Reminders

Standup Bot is the friendly drill-sergeant for your team. Standup Bot reminds everyone at the beginning of the day when to enter their Stand-up. Standup Bot also does a nice friendly reminder to those that haven’t started yet and only have a few minutes left to submit their stand-up.


The standup information entered by your organization and reporting is all secured using Slack’s authentication between our system and theirs.

Still Thinking?

Now you know standups automatically ensure accountability and Standup Bot is the best choice for saving time & decision fatigue. See other options...

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