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We use Standup Bot everyday to help with our marketing team, sales team, and our development team. No matter what business you run, or how big your team is, utilizing scrum-style Standup meetings will be the biggest benefit to your current team.

Standup Bot was built to keep things as simple as possible. Complex tools that require you to learn about the setup, managing, assigning permissions etc… just add more headaches to your day. We built Standup Bot to help our team’s communication and at the same time reduce our headaches of having to setup software. Standup Bot is simple.

Concerned about getting the best price for the best tool you can? We don’t sugar coat anything: we have a basic set of features compared to our competitors. Our price reflects that. We do not charge per-person. We’re the only Standup Bot company that has a flat monthly charge to keep the cost consistent and simple for accounting purposes.

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Jell Geekbot Standup Bot Standuply
Pricing Per Seat Per Seat Flat Fee Per Seat
Trials 14 Days 30 Days 14 Days No
Easy Start
USA Based
Confusing Features

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Now you know standups automatically ensure accountability and Standup Bot is the best choice for saving time & decision fatigue. See our easy pricing...