Last updated: March 13, 2023

Taxes are an important part of functional society. Where our products are taxable, we collect and remit consumption tax to governments at the local, state, and/or federal levels. If your billing address is in one of the following jurisdictions, you’ll see an additional line item on your invoice for sales tax or VAT. The subscription prices on our product websites are all exclusive of sales tax and VAT.

The tax rate and rules are determined by each jurisdiction and sometimes vary by whether you are using our products for business/commercial or personal purposes. As regulations change, we will update this list.

Jurisdictions we collect and remit taxes for

Within the EU

We collect VAT on any direct-to-consumer sales to EU-based customers. Our applications are business products but may be used by consumers. If you are a customer with a VAT identification number in any of the following countries, let us know and we will apply a reverse charge for VAT to your invoice:

If you are in Portugal, olá!. We are a Portuguese company, and thus have to charge VAT for both consumer and businesses in Portugal. Make sure to add your VAT ID (NIF) through our apps’ billing preferences, so invoices can be reported with your NIF and other information.

Updating your billing address

If you need to change your billing information because you don’t actually reside in a taxable jurisdiction, you can easily handle that within your accounts. You may need to re-enter your credit card information as part of the billing address update. Follow these instructions to see how to your update your credit card in:

We’re here to help

Please contact our Support team if you have trouble or if: