What is a scrum meeting?

Standup meetings can decrease your stress and increase project success at the same time. If you’re struggling with keeping up with email updates, notifications, and general questions for projects you’re working on, Standups are the solution to end the chaos with one daily meeting that has a standard format.

Stress vs. Success

If your team works remotely:

Stand-up meetings will make communication with a standard meeting time and length where all team members know the consistent agenda even if they’re a multiple time zones and thousands of miles away.

If your team works face to face:

Standup meetings promote a better culture and project success for everyone that is under one-roof that have to get along with each other in close quarters. Team members have more autonomy when self-assigning their workload for the day, freeing them from the dreaded micro-management they dislike so much.

If your team works remotely and in person:

standup meetings create a way for in-house and remote team members to have a conversation. Promoting conversation between geographically separated teams only helps work happen faster.

Using an app

You need an app to run your standups to remove the workload from your day of taking notes, sending out the report to everyone involved, and promote consistency that only an app can do to make sure your meetings always happen no matter what.

Still Thinking?

Now you know standups automatically ensure accountability, learn why Standup Bot is the best choice.

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