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The dashboard lists all your ongoing standups.

From here, you can view reports, manage member status, change settings, or add a new standup for another channel.

Creating Standups.

To create a standup, you simply invite our bot to a specific channel with the command:

/invite @standup_bot

This means everyone in that channel will be notified via private-message to complete the standup questions.

You can have a different standup meetings for each channel you create in slack. So it’s easy to have standups for different teams, different time zones, etc. Or you can create a unique channel just for the standup meetings and invite relevant team members to the channel.


Standup Bot keeps settings simplified so there’s no wasted confusion or time learning bloated features no one actually needs anyway.

Set the timezone, time of day, and days of the week. Then, set the time window to create the deadline for when all standups should be completed.

Lastly, personalize your 3 questions if needed. We intentionally do not allow adding more because we have found this greatly reduces consistent response rates from team members.

Pro Tip: If you find yourself needing more than 12 hours for a reply window to accommodate significant variations in time zones, most managers find it more useful to create separate channel and corresponding standup meeting for different hemispheres. For example, a “night crew” channel and standup meeting.

Submit Standups.

Once you have a standup meeting scheduled, every team member in that channel will get a notice at the start time from “Standup Bot” under recent apps.

Just select “Standup Bot” and enter “start”, and then you will be prompted to answer each question.

At the end of the reply window or when the last person submits their standup, an email report will be emailed to everyone with the responses.


From the main dashboard, you can select to edit the status of members.

Vacation means a member will not receive notifications and will not be expected to complete a standup until the status is changed.

Excused means a user will receive notifications but will not be counted on to fill out a standup until the status is changed.


From the main dashboard, you can select to view reports about the statistics of standups completed.

You can filter by dates as well as users to learn insights about participation rates.


We are available every day to answer questions, fix issues, or just receive compliments if you’re in a particularly great mood. :)